Where have we been? #notravel

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Where in the world have we been? #notravel #downtime

If you are one of our regular followers, you may well be wondering where on earth we have been this last little while.

Towards the end of 2020, I suffered a work-related injury, one that will take me out of commission for the better part of 2021.  To say that it made me stop and take stock of my life would be an understatement. And while I’m still coming to terms with this change in plans (and we had sooooo many plans for 2021), I know that I will come out the other end with a new appreciation of what is important and what we can leave behind us.

As all of you are aware (and if not will soon be), the best way to explain our life when viewed through the lens of social media is, well, let’s just say it’s like being a millionaire in Monopoly. To most people, it looks like you have a row of motels on Mayfair and Park Lane and own all the utilities.

But in reality, we are just like everyone else, just trying to pass GO and collect our $200, and try not to end up going to jail 👮‍♀️🚓

Monopoly board

Seriously though everyone has their good, maybe even great, moments and also those down, and sometimes REALLY down, days…..

These downtimes will slowly chip away at you if you don’t take control of them. They will take you to a place you will feel you can’t come back from. Don’t let these down moments be your focus.

Train your thoughts to look at these moments as a break between the times that will define you and prove to you that life is fantastic and has opportunities that you can grab hold of.

However, some things aren’t just mental but also physical. I have to admit that it is difficult sometimes to see the joy in life when your whole day is spent in excruciating pain, when even the simplest of tasks need assistance.  Everywhere I look I see projects I can do – tinkering with the car/caravan, jobs around the house, and about a million other things.  Knowing that I won’t be able to do these in the foreseeable future weighs heavily on my mind.  In this situation, it becomes a problem with both mental and physical.


My rule of thumb is to look at a stressful situation and make the first decision – are you able to or do you have the authority to make a decision on the outcome?

If yes, make a decision and move forward

If no, remove it from your mind as it’s out of your control, concentrate on the next decision to be made and move forward.  You can’t do anything about it, leave it to someone that can and move on.

Sorry, I just realised how dispiriting this post was sounding.

Seriously though, this post is just to show you that everyone has down moments, but these should not define us.

Who else feels like they have the mind of a 20-year-old in a, well let’s just say over 50’s, body? They don’t play well together…

The brain says, yeah of course you can do it…..then the body goes okay we’ll be recovering for a while now (idiot!).

They say growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional 😂

This post was/is not written to bring anyone down or make anyone feel bad for me in any way or manner.

Your life is great, just live it to its fullest and involve others, talk, and share experiences.

We’re all here for each other 😁

So, in this period of forced confinement, I plan to be productive. I plan on looking back on past travel, write up some fresh blog posts, and relive some of our adventures.  Stay tuned…

Main points that need to be noted or retained from this post:

  • If you are struggling mentally with your present situation or in the future, you MUST contact a health provider immediately or talk to someone you feel open and comfortable with. Black Dog or Beyond Blue, to mention a couple, may be able to help.
  • Reach out and talk to friends regularly, not only for your own mental health but to make sure your friends are all okay as well (they may be too reluctant or too shy to reach out first).

Al and Bec


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