Start of a new adventure

Yesterday we started a new adventure.  Not the “around-the-country” one, but a significant one nevertheless.  Al get the go-ahead from his work to take the caravan on a service run through Western Queensland, and upon hearing this, nothing was going to stop me from tagging along.

Preparations started for a Narrabri-Roma-Charleville-Emerald run.  Packing for this trip was unlike any other we had done.  Whilst experts on packing for weekends away camping, this was a business trip.  And whilst experts at packing for a business trip, this was a business trip in a caravan.  We needed ‘bits’ of our weekend camping kit, and ‘bits’ of our business kit.  Lists abound, anything we forgot we would do without.

So, amidst torrential rain, we left home yesterday just after 8am for the long haul to Narrabri, NSW.  We decided to go through Cunningham’s Gap instead of through Toowoomba so that it was an easier run. Towing three tonne of caravan through rain isn’t fun, so the easier the run the better.  There were definitely some nail-biting moments, but the scenery, especially going up Cunningham’s Gap, was beautiful.  I really am so lucky to be given the opportunity to see Australia in this light.

Legacy Way tunnel in Brisbane 2016
Cunningham Gap 2016

We arrived at Narrabri just before 6pm, after dark, and promptly decided that we wouldn’t be doing any more night driving if we could avoid it (mental note: upgrade the lights on the car!).  And after minimal setup, a quick dinner and a warming cup of tea, we were both exhausted from the day.

It is such a treat to be able to have your home on wheels with you when you are away.  It is nice to have your own bed to sleep in, a complete kitchen and fridge with everything you need, not having to buy takeaway three times a day, and to be able to stop at a lovely rest area (yesterday was at Cunningham’s Rest Area, west of Warwick, QLD) and make a sandwich and a cup of tea for lunch – all while staying out of the cold and wet weather.  Really, really lucky to be given the opportunity to experience it.

Today, after a rested sleep in Narrabri, I’m waiting for Al to finish up his work in town before we start off towards Roma.  It is still raining and still cold, but there is adventure in the air.  I wonder what today will bring 🙂

Narrabri 2016