Clean the Cruiser – COVID-19 brought on unwanted spare time – Part Six

Landcruiser after cleaning

This is Part 6 of a COVID-19 special of what we did during the lockdown – clean the Cruiser.

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Time to clean the Cruiser

Well, let’s talk about our beloved 105 series Landcruiser.  She has taken us everywhere, got us through thick and thin, and yet is often overlooked in the “TLC” department.  So during our downtime, we thought it high-time we showed the love to the Cruiser and attended those jobs that had been put off for too long.  It was time to clean the Cruiser.

The first step was to drop the Cruiser off for some well-deserved love and affection with Chris and the team at Professional Car Detailing (well, you didn’t think that we were going to do it, did you?). Anyhow, when we got the caravan detailed a few weeks prior, Chris mentioned they have Car and Caravan Packages.  After looking at the sad look that the Cruiser was giving me, I made a time to bring the old girl back after the caravan was finished.

I have to say the old girl, if I can call her that now, looks a hell of a lot younger after the work that Chris and the team did. I’m so proud of how she has come up and she looks cleaner than I have seen her in ages.  They gave her a deep clean, outside and in, then a good polish and paint treatment.

Taking the bumps out

While at the detailers, we also took the opportunity to book her into the panel beaters to have some of her ‘battle-scars’ removed – a bent front guard (courtesy of some maneuvering around in an area that was not really meant to have a car in the first place, but hey why not have a go right?) and to fix the clear coat on the rear pillar and roof. Creative Bodyworks in Nambour were amazing. My hat goes off to both Professional Car Detailing and Creative Body Works with the work they have done in getting her back to the condition she was when we purchased her years ago.

And finally the trifecta

To complete the trifecta, we decided to get the rustproofing done so we could protect her while near the saltwater.  And if you are on the Sunshine Coast, there is only one place you would consider getting it done.  Dirty Deeds Automotive in Caloundra is THE place for rustproofing – you just wouldn’t consider anywhere else.  They really know their stuff and did an absolutely amazing job at rustproofing the car – you wouldn’t believe that it was a 20 year old looking underneath now.

Before the rustproofing…

After the rustproofing…

Like many travelers, the COVID-19 restrictions provided an ideal time for us to spend some time (and some dollars) on those important but often overlooked jobs on both the Cruiser and caravan.  We upgraded the caravan suspension, had the caravan detailed and all the old decals removed, redesigned our new caravan graphics, applied the new decals, and showed the Cruiser some much-needed love.  We’re now set for our new adventures once the COVID-19 restrictions allow.

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If you need a car detailer, panel beater, or rust proofer, I can’t recommend the following highly enough.  All located on the Sunshine Coast.

Dirty Deeds Automotive Logo

Dirty Deeds Automotive
1/3 Helen Street, Caloundra West QLD 4551
Phone: 07 5492 7755

1 Lamington Terrace, Nambour QLD 4560
Phone: 0431 403 170
Creative Bodyworks Logo
1/3 Windsor Road, Nambour QLD 4560
Phone: 07 5441 4588

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