Redesigning the Jayco Caravan Graphics – COVID-19 brought on unwanted spare time – Part Four

Designing the Jayco caravan graphics

This is Part 4 of a COVID-19 special of what we did during the lockdown – redesigning our Jayco caravan graphics.

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What to do with a blank canvas?

For those readers that have been following along with our COVID-19 series, you will recall that we had just cleaned and polished the caravan.  We also had all the decals removed.  Our Jayco caravan was now a blank canvas to work with, but what to do?  We had two choices. Either redo the original decals in keeping with the traditional Sterling look or give our caravan a complete makeover with customised graphics.

This was our blank canvas…..

Deciding which way to go was actually a really difficult decision and one that took way longer than should have.  On the one hand, a traditional look would mean that if we decided to sell our caravan in the future, the graphics would be generic enough for resale purposes.  Yet redesigning the caravan graphics to apply a full or partial digital wrap would allow us to better represent our mission and love of adventure.  We had seen some other caravanning families do this and it looked fantastic.  We were very undecided.

But, after much to and fro with the conversations going this way and that, we finally decided on a design that followed both paths. (Some may even say, a design where we didn’t have to make a decision!)

Redesigning the Jayco caravan graphics

Taking into consideration that the old decals had left their mark on the van (literally!), Al with his previous background as a signwriter designed up something that incorporated both the traditional Sterling graphics but also infuse our own personality.

We already had the original Sterling artwork from quite some years ago.  So all Al had to do was to lay it all out in Adobe Illustrator for cutting.  We also took the opportunity to add some personal touches, which Al also designed.  We then had the whole lot cut out and printed ready for application.

Challenging considering the colours of the two briefs, but I think we succeeded with this layout.  We have tried to keep the original colours where possible and blend in our touch as well. Check out our next instalment, Part 5 – Signwriting the Caravan, for what we ended up creating.

Designing the Jayco caravan graphics

Keep following for Part 5 of the COVID-10 lockdown – Signwriting the Caravan – Coming Soon

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  1. Renee
    Renee says:

    Hi just wondering if you could send me a copy of the swoosh file so I can cut and apply to my own van Thankyou can seem to find them anywhere


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