Caravan Suspension Upgrade – COVID-19 brought on unwanted spare time – Part Two

Leaf springs under the caravan showing extra leaf

This is Part 2 of a COVID-19 special of what we did during the lockdown – upgrade of the caravan suspension.

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Our suspension woes…

Over the last 8 months, we have broken a couple of springs on the caravan. One was done on the Cordillo Downs Track between Innamincka and Birdsville, while the other was done on the way home from Birdsville. We also have had the issue that nearly every second service (about every 8 or 9 months) we have to replace the bushes and the centre pins on the suspension, and several times had to replace the swinger hangers themselves.

A point to note here is that our caravan, a Jayco Sterling, is not an off-road caravan, so the suspension is not set up for the sort of travelling we tend to do.

Living by the motto of “Do What You Do Best And Pay Someone To Do What They Do Best” means that if it’s related to suspension, go to someone that deals with just suspension.  You may have awesome skills and feel you can do anything but doing something yourself will take longer and cost more money in the long run, believe me (I’ve been there!).

What we did…

After the awesome work they did on the Landcruiser suspension, with a 2″ lift kit, heavy-duty springs and airbags, we knew exactly where to go.

So it was off to see the suspension specialist, North Coast Suspension and Spring Works.

Dean and Peter were great. They had a talk with Al on what was happening and what our concerns were, where we had been travelling, and also how we use the caravan. They were straight up with us that our caravan was not necessarily set up for the sort of travelling we do but, as we are not in a position at the moment to purchase a new caravan, they had some great suggestions to improve the suspension performance.

We dropped the caravan off and the work started. All bushes and pins were replaced to grease-able ones, which hopefully means they will not have to be replaced quite so often.  An extra leaf was added to all springs to reinforce and support the spring structure, which should work to prevent spring breakage in the future.  And all spring sets were re-tensioned.

On picking up the caravan when the work was completed, we immediately noticed how much higher it was.  Re-tensioning the springs had the added bonus of raising the caravan slightly giving us a bit more clearance. And I have to admit that, even though it towed like a dream before a visit to North Coast Suspension and Springs Works, I think it towed even better on the run back to the house. It felt firmer on the road – whether that was psychological or what I don’t know, but I do like the way it feels to tow.

If you ever need suspension work carried out on the Sunshine Coast go and see Peter and Dean.

Tell them we sent you, maybe they have forgotten us by now, but they will look after all your suspension needs.

6 Rawlings Circuit, Kunda Park QLD 4556
Phone: 07 5445 3533

Keep following for Part 2 of the COVID-19 lockdown – Time to Clean the Caravan – Coming Soon

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