COVID-19 brought on unwanted spare time – Part One

Wolvi Grove Farm Camping

This is Part 1 of a COVID-19 special – what we did during the lockdown.

I’m sure that you, like us, are hearing about coronavirus everywhere – the news, social media, and even the neighbour or down at the shops (should you be one of the few visiting them).  This global crisis has permeated into every part of our lives in a very short space of time and changed how we all go about our daily lives.  And while it is devastating for some, the rest of us have seen it as a time to regroup and reconnect with family and friends (albeit in a ‘virtual’ way).  It also is an ideal time to do some of the much needed chores that have been put off for far too long.

This six part series follows what we decided to do with our camping setup over the “lockdown” and how we tried to play our part in supporting local businesses in our area – they could certainly do with our help during these times.  (Note: I am a firm believer that our local businesses need our support at all times, not just during times of crisis.  Without these local businesses, we lose our sense of community as the local area gradually disappears to overseas buyers and big corporations.)

So how has COVID-19 affected us?

Luckily we haven’t been impacted as bad as some have. My salary and hours have been reduced for the duration, and travel restrictions not only restrict camping trips but also the work that I usually do travelling around the eastern side of Australia.  However, by adhering to the health warnings, our country can get this virus under control and our lives can get back to normal as soon as possible. Due to this disruption to everyday life for the unforeseen future, we now have some extra spare time on our hands.

With that being said, let’s make the best of it and leave the conversations and predictions on what the future may hold for the news channels.  Let us move  forward with something a little lighter and infinitely more enjoyable.

So what did we do?

We had been saving money for quite some time to do some improvements to the Landcruiser and caravan.  But without enough hours in the day, nothing was getting done.  Cue the enforced restrictions and suddenly we had ample time to get some of these odd jobs done. And what better time to spend on improving our camping experience so that we are ready once restrictions are lifted.

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We really feel for all who have been affected by this virus and for all those that are unwell or going through financial hardship.  We hope that life will get back to normal soon and we’d love to catch up with you all in the future on the road out in this huge country.

In the meantime, stay tuned to see what we got up to and what we have done with our gear.

So for now bye from Bec and I, stay safe everyone.

Keep following for Part 2 of the COVID-19 lockdown – Suspension Upgrade – Coming Soon


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