Our Time Away in 2020

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We started 2020 out with all the best goals, hopes, and intentions. Our time away in 2020 was very different from what we had anticipated.

In preparation for writing this blog post, I re-read our “Welcome to 2020!” post. We had so many plans for further travel and exploring. We were going to launch our own merchandise line. And of course, we were going to try to see as many of you out on the road as possible.

And then the COVID-19 pandemic arrived with the resulting lock-downs.

Now, didn’t that change everything!!!

We don’t know about you guys, but with the restrictions on travel, we had no chance of completing our 2020 goals.

Our Time Away in 2020

So what did we achieve in 2020?

With the lock-down in place, this made us think of what we could do whilst traveling restrictions applied. Although we did manage a small amount of travel prior to March, when the state borders closed and restrictions commenced we were basically house-bound. This gave us a chance to focus on what we thought was going to be a small project but ended up turning into a major endeavor – ensuring our Landcruiser and caravan were in tip-top condition so they would be ready for when traveling opened up again. At a time where many local small businesses were hurting financially, we decided to inject some dollars into the local economy with a series of mini-projects – including upgrading the suspension on the caravan, redoing the decals on the caravan, and fixing some panel work on the car.

Following the relaxing of restrictions in June allowing us to camp again, we focused very much on traveling in Queensland and exploring what our local region (the Sunshine Coast) has to offer.

2020 was also going to see a release of our merchandise line. This had to be put on hold due to not being able to get stock easily. I have to admit, we were planning on sourcing from outside Australia. However, the difficulty in getting products from overseas during the pandemic made us decide to steer in the direction of using only Australian suppliers moving forward – a move that we’re very happy to have made.  This delay hasn’t stopped us at all, it has just pushed the merchandise release back to mid-2021.

Even with all the stuff that was going on globally and locally, it turned out to be a good year (even with all the bumps in the road).

So what did 2020 bring us?

Aside from the obvious (pandemic, reduced work, reduced income, reduced travel):

  • Explored the Scenic Rim, Lake Maroon area – a place we hadn’t traveled through previously
  • Travel to Emerald and North Queensland
  • Plenty of camping locally where restrictions allowed and re-connecting with family and friends
  • The opportunity (and the time) to complete some much-needed car and caravan maintenance and upgrades:

Our goals for 2021

2021 is still an unknown. With so much still happening in Australia and globally with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is difficult to envisage what 2021 will bring us. We aim to embrace life where we can, travel where and when we can, and of course, post our travels so that hopefully they inspire others to travel our great country.

A snapshot of photos from 2020

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