End of the adventure – Yaamba to Home

We ended our first adventure on Day 13.  Following our stay at the beautiful ‘gravel pit’ at the side of the road near Yaamba, we headed into Rockhampton where Al attended a customer, then we continued south to Calliope.  We were due to stop overnight near Calliope, but the free camp was packed with holidaymakers, so we continued inland about 20 minutes to Futter Creek.  It was quiet and peaceful here and well worth the extra 20 minutes in the dark.

Futter Creek 2016
Futter Creek 2016

After a restful nights sleep, we continued down the Gladstone-Monto Road with the intention of heading into Monto, however a sign saying “Steep Ascent, not suitable for caravans” had us turning around some 45 minutes down the road and heading back towards Calliope.  It seemed that we needed to go the long way around to Monto, through Biloela.

Our last night was spent at Binjour Range Rest Area, a lovely spot that had the most spectacular view out our back window of the caravan.  Just beautiful.

Binjour Rest Area 2016
Sunset Binjour Rest Area 2016

So after over 4000 km, 13 days on the road, and lots and lots of towns visited, we arrived back at home.  Just in time for the clean up to begin.

Cleaning the Caravan