Al trying to stay warm in Mungindi 2016Copyright 2016 Allan and Rebecca Cooke

Day 2 – Narrabri to Mungindi

We woke to the sound of rain and heavy mist.  It was heaven.  Just like a winter morning should be.  Al had to work in Narrabri all morning, so I spent the morning doing my own work in the caravan, drinking cups of tea, and generally being much more comfortable than other times when I've been on Al's work trips (and had to wait in the car).  Bliss.
Between Moree and Narrabri 2016Copyright 2016 Allan and Rebecca Cooke

Start of a new adventure

Yesterday we started a new adventure.  Not the "around-the-country" one, but a significant one nevertheless.  Al get the go-ahead from his work to take the caravan on a service run through Western Queensland, and upon hearing this, nothing was going to stop me from tagging along. Preparations started for a Narrabri-Roma-Charleville-Emerald run.  Packing for this trip was unlike any other we had done.  Whilst experts on packing for weekends away camping, this was a business trip.  
Sydney Harbour 2014Copyright 2014 Allan and Rebecca Cooke


I have been thinking of doing this for a while and, like with many things, have put it aside time and time again. But today is different. Today I put pen to paper (metaphorically) and start writing about my world. It’s not a very big world but I am happy with it. And I’m hoping to share a bit of it with anyone that cares to follow along. If there is nobody out there, then at least it will provide a way of recording my experiences for posterity. Who knows, maybe I’ll become famous one day and this will all become important 🙂