Shocker Hitch AirSafe hitch comparison
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AirSafe or Shocker Hitch – which would you choose?

Using an Isuzu NPS 4x4 truck, we started towing our new 4.5T Spinifex caravan with the Shocker Hitch as the AirSafe hitch, which was recommended by our caravan manufacturer, was out of stock at the time.  During the time using the Shocker Hitch,…
Essential Camping and Caravanning Apps Social Media Image

Essential Camping and Caravanning Apps

We love to get away.  To unplug from technology, if even for a short while, and to be able to recharge our souls.  Exploring this country is the perfect way to do that. However, as much as we love to switch off the electronics, this isn't…
Bush Company Roof Top tent

The Bush Company – a new roof-top tent and awning

There seems to be a natural progression in camping gear - swag --> tent --> camper trailer --> caravan --> motorhome.  At least that is what popular culture shows.  And while not everyone progresses through to a motorhome, an increasing…
Merida bikes on Shingleback Bike Rack

Setting up our Shingleback Vertical Bike Rack

We were in the market for a good sturdy bike rack. Something that preferably would be interchangeable between the car and the caravan. In the past we had tried many different types and styles, but they just weren't right. The old story…