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We love to get away.  To unplug from technology, if even for a short while, and to be able to recharge our souls.  Exploring this country is the perfect way to do that. However, as much as we love to switch off the electronics, this isn’t always feasible.  Although it may look like we move […]

Fitting the bike rack to back of caravan

A bike rack carrier for the caravan

We just love tinkering with our caravan and improving the usability and functionality of all aspects of the van wherever possible. One modification we did late last year was to custom build a rear bar for the caravan to carry our bike rack.…
Mapleton Falls National Park

Visiting Mapleton Falls National Park, QLD

We have lived on the Sunshine Coast for over 20 years.  And even though we had passed through this area many times, we never realised this little gem was here. Tucked up in the hinterland is Mapleton Falls National Park. At just 26 hectares,…
Standown Park

Camping at Standown Park, QLD

"A Peaceful Place" That is the way that Standown Park is described on their website.  And I have to say, I wholeheartedly agree.  Standown is a military term for 'rest/relax', and as the website says, this is exactly what you do when you…
Trawler at La Balsa Park

Where have we been? #notravel

Where in the world have we been? #notravel #downtime If you are one of our regular followers, you may well be wondering where on earth we have been this last little while. Towards the end of 2020, I suffered a work-related injury, one…
Thank you for following Our Time Away

Our Time Away in 2020

We started 2020 out with all the best goals, hopes, and intentions. Our time away in 2020 was very different from what we had anticipated. In preparation for writing this blog post, I re-read our "Welcome to 2020!" post. We had so many…
Lake Moogerah

Our weekend at the Scenic Rim, Qld.

Three years ago, our car nearly blew up…that is to say, it nearly exploded. Why am I telling you this? Because that is the reason why we recently spent an extended weekend in the Scenic Rim in southern Queensland. The background story A…
Photography Equipment

Preservation of your travel photos and videos

Travel photos.  We all take them, often by the hundreds.  They are on our mobile phones, camera, GoPro, drone, and anything else that has a lens and storage.  But where do they end up after that?  Often, if you are like I was, dumped on…
Bush Company Roof Top tent

The Bush Company – a new roof-top tent and awning

There seems to be a natural progression in camping gear - swag --> tent --> camper trailer --> caravan --> motorhome.  At least that is what popular culture shows.  And while not everyone progresses through to a motorhome, an increasing…
Landcruiser after cleaning

Clean the Cruiser – COVID-19 brought on unwanted spare time – Part Six

This is Part 6 of a COVID-19 special of what we did during the lockdown – clean the Cruiser. Read our other COVID-19 lockdown posts. Time to clean the Cruiser Well, let’s talk about our beloved 105 series Landcruiser.  She has taken…
Signage on the caravan

Signwriting our Jayco Caravan – COVID-19 brought on unwanted spare time – Part Five

This is Part 5 of a COVID-19 special – what we did during the lockdown and how we went about signwriting the caravan. Read our other COVID-19 lockdown posts. Signwriting the caravan After the drawn-out process of deciding on what sort…
Designing the Jayco caravan graphics

Redesigning the Jayco Caravan Graphics – COVID-19 brought on unwanted spare time – Part Four

This is Part 4 of a COVID-19 special of what we did during the lockdown - redesigning our Jayco caravan graphics. Read our other COVID-19 lockdown posts. What to do with a blank canvas? For those readers that have been following along…
Professional Car Detailing

Time to Clean the Caravan – COVID-19 brought on unwanted spare time – Part Three

This is Part 3 of a COVID-19 special of what we did during the lockdown - time to clean the caravan. Read our other COVID-19 lockdown posts. Spare time means time to clean In a long-ago past life, I used to work as a detailer so when it…
Leaf springs under the caravan showing extra leaf

Caravan Suspension Upgrade – COVID-19 brought on unwanted spare time – Part Two

This is Part 2 of a COVID-19 special of what we did during the lockdown - upgrade of the caravan suspension. Read our Part 1 - COVID-19 Brought unwanted spare time Our suspension woes... Over the last 8 months, we have broken a couple…
Wolvi Grove Farm Camping

COVID-19 brought on unwanted spare time – Part One

This is Part 1 of a COVID-19 special - what we did during the lockdown. I’m sure that you, like us, are hearing about coronavirus everywhere - the news, social media, and even the neighbour or down at the shops (should you be one of the…
Kurrimine Beach Holiday Park

Kurrimine Beach, Qld

One of the problems of having a full time job is that time for camping is limited. One of the problems of being married to someone that travels for their job is that you are in a constant state of envy. So while I enjoy the drizzly…
Al at the tunnel at Dularcha National Park

Dularcha National Park, Qld

For those that have been following our adventures on social media, you will know that we recently purchased electric bikes as a Christmas present to ourselves.  It wasn't a decision we make lightly (electric bikes are expensive!) however we…
Merida bikes on Shingleback Bike Rack

Setting up our Shingleback Vertical Bike Rack

We were in the market for a good sturdy bike rack. Something that preferably would be interchangeable between the car and the caravan. In the past we had tried many different types and styles, but they just weren't right. The old story…
Dual Waeco fridge in back of Landcruiser

The problem of the Waeco, the MSA drop slide, and our 105 series Landcruiser

Our Landcruiser is our primary adventure and exploring vehicle, and when we are travelling there is nothing better than having a cold (-1 degrees) beer!  But what to do?  Our Waeco CFX50 fridge was primarily being used when travelling around…
Al and Bec

Welcome to 2020!

We have now said farewell to 2019 and welcomed in a new year. If you were wondering why we have been MIA for much of the last month or two, don’t worry - you aren’t the only one.  While we haven’t been personally affected by the devastating…
Bec working on laptop at Wolvi Grove

Apple-‘Mac’ing the choice to keep an ‘i’ on the road

Excuse the poor play on words but I couldn’t resist. When Bec and I first met, we were very set in our technological ways. We were so anti-Apple, with everything either Android or Windows based, that the thought of ever owning a Mac, iPad…
Al and Bec on Cordillo Downs Road
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Innamincka to Birdsville via Cordillo Downs

We had spent several days camped at Cooper Creek in Innamincka, which we used it as our homebase, leaving the caravan there as we explored the area. However, due to time restraints it was  now time to leave and start heading north to Birdsville…
Warra Hotel, Queensland
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An overnight stop at Warra, Queensland

Unlike our journey to the Big Red Bash, which took two weeks, our journey back from Birdsville was completed in just three days. On the last full day of our return journey we stopped at the tiny town of Warra on the Warrego Highway for the night.…
Dig Tree, Dig Tree Reserve
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The Burke and Wills Dig Tree, QLD

On our travels westward towards Innamincka we were fortunate to be able to stop over at the Dig Tree Reserve located on the banks of Cooper Creek for the night.  The landscape around the Dig Tree was surprisingly in stark contrast to the red…
Wovi Grove Farm Camping
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Wolvi Grove Farm Camping, QLD – Review

We are always on the lookout for new places to explore. So when the opportunity came up to go to Wolvi Grove Farm Camping we jumped at the opportunity. And Wolvi Grove certainly didn't disappoint. After a hectic couple of weeks with work…
Paroo River, Eulo
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Paroo River, Eulo, QLD – Review

On our way out to the Big Red Bash we travelled along the Adventure Way from Cunnamulla through to Innamincka.  One of our overnight stops was the great little (big!) free camp on the banks of the Paroo River, known as the Eulo Town Hole, about…
Cordillo Downs Woolshed
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Cordillo Downs Woolshed, SA – Review

On our travels between Innamincka and Birdsville, we came across this massive stone woolshed, 60 metres long and 13 metres wide. On further inspection it was found to be the impressive Cordillo Downs station woolshed, which is the largest of…
Cadelga RuinsNeed Time Away
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Cadelga Outstation Ruins, SA – Review

Cadelga Outstation Ruins is on the Cordillo Downs Road between Innamincka, SA, and Birdsville, QLD. Built in the 1870s, Cadelga Homestead became part of the Cordillo Downs Station in 1903 and used as an outstation until the 1950 when it was no longer required. It is now a fascinating ruins and camping area for travellers on the Cordillo Downs Road.

45 ways to stop Mosquito and Sand Fly bites from itching

Mosquitoes and sand flies, the one thing that can put a dampener on any camping trip. We once stayed at a camp ground where the moment you stopped moving, swarms of mosquitoes descended on you. While the camp ground was lovely, the experience…
Kookaburras on CurraNeed Time Away
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Kookaburras on Curra, Qld – Review

It was time to try somewhere new, and Kookaburras On Curra was the perfect place. In the 10 years that I've known Al, this was the first time we had had a whole two weeks vacation together. Normally one of us has to work. so when the opportunity…
Al at Kissing Point Fort, TownsvilleCopyright 2019 Allan and Rebecca Cooke

Kissing Point Fort: Things to do in Townsville

If you want to catch a glimpse of Townsville's history, a trip to Kissing Point Fort is a great place to go. This historical landmark at the end of the Strand dates back to the late 1890s. Kissing Point Fort, also known as Jezzine Barracks, was built as part of colonial Queensland's defence plan in 1870 and was designed to protect the north-western approaches to the harbour.
Fitting mud flaps to the LandcruiserCopyright 2019 Allan and Rebecca Cooke

Preparations have begun for the Big Red Bash 2019

Since a relatively snap decision several weeks ago to attend this years Big Red Bash in Outback Queensland, we have both been simultaneously excited and worried about the decision.  It was definitely a "lets book the tickets before we change our minds" decision, and one that I'm sure will the the experience of a lifetime. However, before we get can leave, there are a number of things that need to be done.
Bundaberg Rum Distillery TourCopyright 2017 Allan and Rebecca Cooke

Bundaberg Rum Distillery Tour

A visit to Bundaberg, QLD, wouldn't be complete without a visit to the world-famous rum distillery. Bundaberg Rum (my personal favourite) was first distilled back in 1888 when a group of mates came up with a way to use the excess molasses resulting from the local sugar cane production. What they came up with was to become one of the most recognised rums in Australia. The first batch rolled off the production line in 1889, all 22,500 gallons of it.
Futter Creek 2016Copyright 2016 Allan and Rebecca Cooke

End of the adventure – Yaamba to Home

We ended our first adventure on Day 13.  Following our stay at the beautiful 'gravel pit' at the side of the road near Yaamba, we headed into Rockhampton where Al attended a customer, then we continued south to Calliope.  We were due to stop overnight near Calliope, but the free camp was packed with holidaymakers, so we continued inland about 20 minutes to Futter Creek.  It was quiet and peaceful here and well worth the extra 20 minutes in the dark.
Working on the road, Yaamba 2016Copyright 2016 Allan and Rebecca Cooke

End of Day 10 – Airlie Beach to Yaamba

Although we only traveled just under 400km yesterday (Day 10), it was a really pleasant drive.  It was a day of vastly different landscapes.  From the vast cane fields up north, to the barren brown landscape where we ended up - it really shows the differences in vegetation in our country. So, here are some pictures of how our day ended, with Al setting up a make-shift office in the gravel pit to do the inevitable emails and office work at the end of the day. I'm absolutely loving this lifestyle 🙂
Airlie Beach, 2016Copyright 2016 Allan and Rebecca Cooke

Day 9 – a day of R&R

Day 9 of our wonderful adventure saw Al off working for the day in Airlie Beach, while I spent the day around the caravan park, doing chores and catching up on work emails. So, here I am, at a luxury caravan resort, chilling out before we begin to head south again tomorrow.
Ayr, 2016Ayr, 2016

Day 8 of Queensland adventure – Townsville to Airlie Beach

The end of Day 8 sees us at Airlie Beach, staying at the Big 4 caravan park to say the least!  The atmosphere here, and 'class' of campers is completely different from the earlier part of the week.  Where the first week was very much mud, dirt, country camping, this week will be more refined 'city' camping.  Both have their place, but I know which one I prefer.
Macrosson Park, Dottswood, 2016Copyright 2016 Allan and Rebecca Cooke

Days 5 and 6 – “Plans a-changed”

Day 5 saw us leave Emerald, and instead of heading towards home base, we were diverted unexpectedly north to Townsville by Al's work.  I guess when you are on a working holiday, you need to expect the unexpected. By the way, the photograph below is how Al has been carrying his tools and parts for his work. Very organised!
Up'N'Downs Farmstay, Roma, 2016Copyright 2016 Allan and Rebecca Cooke

Day 4 – rolling into Emerald

Day 4 bought us from Roma to Emerald, a trip of just over 400km.  Last nights accommodation at Up'N'Downs Farmstay in Roma was beautiful.  Quiet, country, comfortable.  If down this way again we'll definitely stop again.
Sunset at Roma 2016Copyright 2016 Allan and Rebecca Cooke

Day 3 – more adventure that you could imagine

Day 3 of our Western adventure started cold, really cold.  One could say bitterly cold.  I think it was only due to be an overnight low of 8 degrees, but it felt more like minus 8!  I have to say, living in Queensland does make you forget what cold really feels like. We woke up in Mungindi - a town that I quite liked.  It is a unique little town, part New South Wales and part Queensland, separated down the middle by the Barwon River.
Al trying to stay warm in Mungindi 2016Copyright 2016 Allan and Rebecca Cooke

Day 2 – Narrabri to Mungindi

We woke to the sound of rain and heavy mist.  It was heaven.  Just like a winter morning should be.  Al had to work in Narrabri all morning, so I spent the morning doing my own work in the caravan, drinking cups of tea, and generally being much more comfortable than other times when I've been on Al's work trips (and had to wait in the car).  Bliss.
Between Moree and Narrabri 2016Copyright 2016 Allan and Rebecca Cooke

Start of a new adventure

Yesterday we started a new adventure.  Not the "around-the-country" one, but a significant one nevertheless.  Al get the go-ahead from his work to take the caravan on a service run through Western Queensland, and upon hearing this, nothing was going to stop me from tagging along. Preparations started for a Narrabri-Roma-Charleville-Emerald run.  Packing for this trip was unlike any other we had done.  Whilst experts on packing for weekends away camping, this was a business trip.  
Sydney Harbour 2014Copyright 2014 Allan and Rebecca Cooke


I have been thinking of doing this for a while and, like with many things, have put it aside time and time again. But today is different. Today I put pen to paper (metaphorically) and start writing about my world. It’s not a very big world but I am happy with it. And I’m hoping to share a bit of it with anyone that cares to follow along. If there is nobody out there, then at least it will provide a way of recording my experiences for posterity. Who knows, maybe I’ll become famous one day and this will all become important 🙂