How it all began…

They say that fate catches up with you in the end.

A story about us…. We are Al and Bec Cooke. We have been soulmates since 2011, married since 2017, yet we have known each other for so much longer. Over the years we met without even realising it, even living across the road from each other at one stage, and then fate stepped in and decided that we should officially meet. And the rest, as they say, is history.

To say we love to camp is an understatement. We LOVE to camp! To be able to get away, switch off, be with your thoughts (and each other!) is utter heaven in our eyes. The wide open spaces, remote to the extreme, are prefect for us.

As we work full time, we travel when we can. Al has been a service engineer for the past 15 years and before that a business owner, and Bec is a librarian. While we love our jobs, we do hope to one day travel full time. Until then, we make a point of getting away regularly and enjoying all that this country has to offer.  (We even have a ‘camping‘ calendar to make sure we have our camping trips scheduled in!)

To read more about us, see our first “Welcome” blog post written back in 2014.

Allan and Bec

A life for the better…

When we started travelling it was on a very small scale.  Camping in the back of the car (then a Renault Traffic van that Al used for work) quickly progressed to a tent, then a camper trailer, and now a caravan.  You can read more about our progression here.

However don’t get me wrong. Although we love our caravan, we also love having the flexibility of tossing the tent or swag onto the roof of the Landcruiser and taking off.  After all, it’s all about the destination.

Lake Moogerah

Need Time Away…

So this is where we start to write about our world. It isn’t a big world, but it is one that we enjoy.

And we would love for you to enjoy it with us.

Although still in the early stages, this website is constantly evolving. Every week, every day, something new is being added or tweaked. New adventures will be recorded here – how we did it and what we saw.

Our aim is to become a ‘one-stop-shop’ for anyone wanting to know more about travelling, camping and caravanning. From how-to guides to the best places to camp and the tastiest meals to make on the road, you’ll find it all here. We would love to be share in this journey with you, and perhaps inspire you to travel just like countless others have inspired us.  We will also share some of our tips and tricks that we have learnt, mainly through trial and error, along the way.

So, sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media so you don’t miss out.

You won’t be disappointed! And who knows, we may just bump into you somewhere in the outdoors.

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