Merida bikes on Shingleback Bike Rack

Setting up our Shingleback Vertical Bike Rack

We were in the market for a good sturdy bike rack. Something that preferably would be interchangeable between the car and the caravan. In the past we had tried many different types and styles, but they just weren't right. The old story…
Dual Waeco fridge in back of Landcruiser

The problem of the Waeco, the MSA drop slide, and our 105 series Landcruiser

Our Landcruiser is our primary adventure and exploring vehicle, and when we are travelling there is nothing better than having a cold (-1 degrees) beer!  But what to do?  Our Waeco CFX50 fridge was primarily being used when travelling around…
Al and Bec

Welcome to 2020!

We have now said farewell to 2019 and welcomed in a new year. If you were wondering why we have been MIA for much of the last month or two, don’t worry - you aren’t the only one.  While we haven’t been personally affected by the devastating…