Working on the road, Yaamba 2016Copyright 2016 Allan and Rebecca Cooke

End of Day 10 – Airlie Beach to Yaamba

Although we only traveled just under 400km yesterday (Day 10), it was a really pleasant drive.  It was a day of vastly different landscapes.  From the vast cane fields up north, to the barren brown landscape where we ended up - it really shows the differences in vegetation in our country. So, here are some pictures of how our day ended, with Al setting up a make-shift office in the gravel pit to do the inevitable emails and office work at the end of the day. I'm absolutely loving this lifestyle :-)
Airlie Beach, 2016Copyright 2016 Allan and Rebecca Cooke

Day 9 – a day of R&R

Day 9 of our wonderful adventure saw Al off working for the day in Airlie Beach, while I spent the day around the caravan park, doing chores and catching up on work emails. So, here I am, at a luxury caravan resort, chilling out before we begin to head south again tomorrow.
Ayr, 2016Ayr, 2016

Day 8 of Queensland adventure – Townsville to Airlie Beach

The end of Day 8 sees us at Airlie Beach, staying at the Big 4 caravan park to say the least!  The atmosphere here, and 'class' of campers is completely different from the earlier part of the week.  Where the first week was very much mud, dirt, country camping, this week will be more refined 'city' camping.  Both have their place, but I know which one I prefer.
Macrosson Park, Dottswood, 2016Copyright 2016 Allan and Rebecca Cooke

Days 5 and 6 – “Plans a-changed”

Day 5 saw us leave Emerald, and instead of heading towards home base, we were diverted unexpectedly north to Townsville by Al's work.  I guess when you are on a working holiday, you need to expect the unexpected. By the way, the photograph below is how Al has been carrying his tools and parts for his work. Very organised!
Up'N'Downs Farmstay, Roma, 2016Copyright 2016 Allan and Rebecca Cooke

Day 4 – rolling into Emerald

Day 4 bought us from Roma to Emerald, a trip of just over 400km.  Last nights accommodation at Up'N'Downs Farmstay in Roma was beautiful.  Quiet, country, comfortable.  If down this way again we'll definitely stop again.
Sunset at Roma 2016Copyright 2016 Allan and Rebecca Cooke

Day 3 – more adventure that you could imagine

Day 3 of our Western adventure started cold, really cold.  One could say bitterly cold.  I think it was only due to be an overnight low of 8 degrees, but it felt more like minus 8!  I have to say, living in Queensland does make you forget what cold really feels like. We woke up in Mungindi - a town that I quite liked.  It is a unique little town, part New South Wales and part Queensland, separated down the middle by the Barwon River.
Al trying to stay warm in Mungindi 2016Copyright 2016 Allan and Rebecca Cooke

Day 2 – Narrabri to Mungindi

We woke to the sound of rain and heavy mist.  It was heaven.  Just like a winter morning should be.  Al had to work in Narrabri all morning, so I spent the morning doing my own work in the caravan, drinking cups of tea, and generally being much more comfortable than other times when I've been on Al's work trips (and had to wait in the car).  Bliss.
Between Moree and Narrabri 2016Copyright 2016 Allan and Rebecca Cooke

Start of a new adventure

Yesterday we started a new adventure.  Not the "around-the-country" one, but a significant one nevertheless.  Al get the go-ahead from his work to take the caravan on a service run through Western Queensland, and upon hearing this, nothing was going to stop me from tagging along. Preparations started for a Narrabri-Roma-Charleville-Emerald run.  Packing for this trip was unlike any other we had done.  Whilst experts on packing for weekends away camping, this was a business trip.