Exploring unknown destinations!

Al and Bec near Cameron Corner

Need Time Away is a travel blog devoted to exploring our country, with all it’s uniqueness. Through it we share our passion for discovering new places, and the adventure of the journey to the unknown. Starting in 2016, we have traveled when we can while still working full time. One day we hope to be able to travel full time. Until then, we make a point of getting away regularly and enjoying all that this country has to offer.

We are Al and Bec Cooke.  Read about how we started travelling here.

We hope that our journeys will inspire you to take the leap and see new sights – beautiful landscapes and abundant flora and fauna.

Caravanning, camping, glamping, off-road driving…we don’t mind.

It’s all exciting.

Kinchella Rest Area 2019

Our recent adventures

Photography Equipment

Preservation of your travel photos and videos

Travel photos.  We all take them, often by the hundreds.  They are on our mobile phones, camera, GoPro, drone, and anything else that has a lens and storage.  But where do they end up after that?  Often, if you are like I was, dumped on…
Bush Company Roof Top tent

The Bush Company – a new roof-top tent and awning

There seems to be a natural progression in camping gear - swag --> tent --> camper trailer --> caravan --> motorhome.  At least that is what popular culture shows.  And while not everyone progresses through to a motorhome, an increasing…
Landcruiser after cleaning

Clean the Cruiser – COVID-19 brought on unwanted spare time – Part Six

This is Part 6 of a COVID-19 special of what we did during the lockdown – clean the Cruiser. Read our other COVID-19 lockdown posts. Time to clean the Cruiser Well, let’s talk about our beloved 105 series Landcruiser.  She has taken…